About us

TAC SYSTEM, INC. has over 15 years experience in Japanese professional audio market.
The founder Tac Yamamoto is one of the pioneer of Japanese music industry and professional audio market since 1970's.
He has a lots of experience of import business with many synthesizer manufacture and professional audio manufacture such as Studer, SSL, Fairlight,.... Especially about DAW market, he introduced Studer, Fairlight, DSP and digidesign at the beginnings to Japanese market.

November 2007, TAC SYSTEM, INC. made decision to be Avid audio development partner to start development business for our own plug-in software.
The first product is V-Mon & VMC-101 released on middle of 2008 cooperated with Neyrinck that is now standard monitoring system for Pro Tools|HD.
We released revolutionary plug-in NML RevCon-RR (Reverb Reduction plug-in) on 2009 and will release NML RevCon-RS (Humanizing Surround plug-in) on middle of 2010.

Our policy is to introduce new technology and find out the best way for the market.

Company Information

Company Name
May 1, 1995
Headquarter Office
3-5-1, Kami-Osaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo 141-0021 Japan
¥ 11,200,000
Takahiko Yamamoto
Business Objective
1. Sales and distribution the professional audio and video equipment.
2. Product development of the professional audio and video equipment.
3. Export and Import representative of the professional audio and video equipment.
4. Sales and distribution the audio, video and computer equipment.
5. Research and Development, Manufacturing and System Installation for the professional audio, video equipment and software.
6. Consulting for the dealer and the manufacture of audio and video market.

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