ONKIO Acoustics

Reverb Plug-in perfectly reproducing the ONKIO HAUS's acoustics with VSVerb Technology


True to the original acoustics!

ONKIO HAUS, a studio so many great artists have used in Japan..
What fascinates them especially is "the acoustic".
Now the room reverb has been simulated perfectly with a groundbreaking technology, VSVerb.
It will give you a wonderful experience of the ONKIO HAUS's remarkable room reverb.


Reverb Plug-in with VSVerb technology

VSVerb is a technology of sound field simulation invented by Dr. Nakahara from SONA Corp./ ONFUTURE Ltd. It uses the information of virtual sound sources sampled in a target space and provides high S/N performance and adjustment to various acoustic parameters.

Sampling of Two Studios from ONKIO HAUS

Studio NO.1



・ Studio NO.1
3 patterns of optional reflectors

ex.Reflectors Fully

ONKIO_004.jpg ・Reflectors : Fully
・Reflectors : Half
・Reflectors : None

・ Studio NO.1
3 Patterns of recording position


ONKIO_005.jpg ・Source-LEFT

Studio NO.2



・Studio NO.2
2 patterns of recording position





ex.Inside the Booth

ONKIO_009.jpg ・Inside the Booth
・Outside the Booth

AJUSTABLE MICROPHONE SETTING: Position, Angle, Polar Pattern

Position is selectable within 1 meter range in 3 dimensions.


Angle is selectable within 90 degrees up and down.

Cardioid and Omni mode.

■ System Capability


Mac:macOS 10.14.6 - macOS 12(64-bit)

Compatible with Intel Mac and Apple M1

Doesn't support 32-bit OS or Host Application.

Windows:Windows10 , Windows11

Doesn't support 32-bit OS or Host Application.


iLok License (iLok 2, iLok 3)

Machine Authorization

Plug-in Format

AAX Native / VST3 / AU(64-bit)

● About the free trial (demo) version period

This plug-in can be used for 14 days after you download the installer from the download link below and start the trial.

※Once the trial period has expired, ONKIO Acoustics will no longer be available.

■ Release Note

V1.2.0 :7-April-2023

  • Renamed default preset.
  • Added engineer preset.
  • Changed the destination of factory preset data to "C:\ProgramData\VST3 Presets"
  • Fixed a problem in which REVERB TIME and PRE DELAY parameters were not loaded correctly when switching presets.
  • Adjusted the accuracy of the version notation, Source switching, and OMNI icon clicks.
  • Expanded the range of mouse clicks when changing MIC ANGLE. Include the number part.
  • Adjusted the minimum unit of fader parameters to 0.1 step. 
Fixed a symptom that noise was generated during playback or after playback was stopped when the Z-axis value was set to the maximum value in ADJUST MIC.
Release Version.


Installer | Download (pc) *.exe file About 30MB

(For both release and demo versions)

Installer | Download (mac) *.pkg file About 80MB

(For both release and demo versions)

ENG Install & Operation Manual PDF