VMC 101

VMC-101 - a dedicated physical controller for V-Mon system

Simply connects to USB for easy installation.
Active control anytime even when plug-in window is closed.
Simple and reliable operation using buttons and large volume control knob.
Handy size (150 x 112 mm)

VMC-101 V-Mon Controller

NML RevCon-RR Plug-in

VMC-101 V-Mon Controller -$1,795.-

Fixed price186,900JPYpricedown!!

V-Mon Plug-in / VMC-101 Bundle set

NML RevCon-RR Plug-in

Plug-in / VMC-101 Bundle-$2,995.- >>>$2,199.-Price Down!

Fixed price249,900JPYpricedown!!

||A Simple Monitoring System offers the best Sound Quality

No quality Loss - V-Mon can connect directly from Pro Tools interface to speaker systems. This is the best way to connect to digital speaker systems.

Reduce your cost - V-Mon removes the need for an expensive monitoring hardware or a digital mixer just for monitoring.
However, V-Mon can be used in addition to an existing monitor system to take advantage of its sophisticated features: multi channel metering, downmix, and stem monitoring.


||Low system usage based on 'Plug-in to Plug-in Connection'

No required Pro Tools Internal busses required for monitoring.
You can use all Pro Tools busses for mixing.

V-Mon uses One DSP chip. All of V-Mon's plug-ins share a single DSP chip and V-Mon uses its own private busses for internal connection. This allows V-Mon to implement powerful features such as multi channel metering and downmixing.

plugin to plugin

||GPI capability for the External Mute, Talk Back, Listen Back system

The GPI port makes it easy to set up a studio communication system with a cough control box for the narrator and talk back box for the director. The GPI port also has an external mute output that can control existing monitoring systems.

The Serial port (RS-422) will be able to directly control the volume in future speakers systems supporting external control input.


vmon101 Externals size : 150mm x 112mm x 53.5mm
Weight : 670g
Power consumption : 100mA-
I / O : USB USB Port
DC5V AC Adaptor Option

Parallel Interface

External Mute out
External Mute in
Global Talk Back out
Global Talk Back in
Talk Back -1 in/out
Talk Back -2 in/out
Cough in/out
Listen Back in/out

RS-422 Serial Port
Front panel : Function Switch
Level Meter,Source Select LED
Level Control Knob
(Switch function : Mute/Dim/TB/None)