VMC-102 Studio Monitor Controller

VMC-102 Studio Monitor Controler has very comprehensive functions to supporting any kinds of surround format, using 128 channels input and 128 channels output via 2 MADI links. Also VMC-102 has the special control function of routing and level control for DirectOut Technologies ANDIAMO2 series, NTP Technology Penta or AX32 series as well as Avid MTRX unit. This combination with IO control capability allows you to setup system with analog, AES, MADI, HDX i/f, HD-SDI for monitor outputs/ master outputs/ meter outputs/ monitor insertion fit to your requirements. The modern panel design with 7" touch panel does completely fit on an Avid S6 console.


  • 64 monitoring source selection(Assignable from all 128 channel inputs)
  • 6 Speakersets (Assignable to all 128 channel outputs) supports up to 64 channel format.
  • 4 Cue outputs support up to 64 channel format (Assignable to all 128 channel outputs)
  • External meter output (Assignable to all 128 channel outputs)
  • 4 kinds of switchable meter output on MADI output
  • 80 Speaker Solo buttons with grouping solo function
  • Built in talk back microphone
  • Monitor delay fuction (max 200ms)
  • 16 downmix channels assignable on internal mix bus
  • Easy operation using 7 inch touch panel display
  • Layout free button on display (Function, name, color)
  • Big Volume control knob
  • Dim/Mute and Reference level on volume and switching dB/SPL display
  • NTP Penta/DAD, Avid MTRX remote control function
  • Mountable on Avid S6 console
  • Multiple VMC-102 remote function



  • 2x MADI SC Optical Multi mode
  • Stereo Analog line output (included in GPIO connector)
  • 3.5mm Stereo headphones output
  • GPIO (Mute/Dim/TB/ Cough/CUE/etc.)
  • RS422 serial interface (Machine control option)
  • Ethernet
  • USB
  • DC +12V (Power supply included)

Dimensions W=318.8mm D=154.4mm H=64.73mm

Weight 3Kg

Power consumption 30W


  • VMC-102-MK VMC-102 Machine Control Option
  • VMC-102-MC VMC-102 M.1K2 Remote Option
  • VMC-GPEX-103 VMC-102 GPIO Expansion Option

VMC-102 User's Manual Ver.4.x

VMC-102 Version 4.07_release
  • Add Default level for SPK to set up level at start up on System Config page-1 SPK setup.
  • Add Start up Mute function on Maintenance page-2 for protecting Main SPK incase of setup default level at launch.
  • Change Display Lock operation to double tap on Meter area and to unlock with F5(Unlock) switch.
  • Add "Writing..." message when change setup on Maintenance page for safety.
  • Extend function to activate Button Group triggered from,

- GPIO input to activate Group Master button.

- Prog/Main/Alt/Mini/Ref/TB/Dim/Mute switch on panel to activate Group Master button.

- External GPIO (option) through ethernet to activate Group Master button.

  • Allow to place multiple CUE button for same CUE channel with different setup (Cue in/Follow).
  • Add to assign dedicated Cue in/Follow selection function for Line/HP output.
  • Extend time for saving message when save setup data for safety.
  • Support VMC external remote panel. (Domestic option)
  • Change Meter display to show all channel of setup on meter display format.
  • Enable to set SPK level trim by 0.1dB order in case of the volume control target as Internal or NTP.

Bug fix for version 4.x or bata.(Not related version 3.x)

  • Fixed bug buffer over run error to MADI PCB.
  • Fixed bug of Solo level mismatch related with SPK level trim and volume group.
  • Fixed bug Delay time is displayed with 1/10 value.
  • Fixed bug Unexpected off level on Mix channel of internal bus with TB option when TB is activated on .
  • Fixed bug Not to be Enabled Cue output when launch with setting on Start up option.
  • Fixed bug output TB mic signal on R channel when activate OSC with selected Stereo Input Source button,
  • Fixed number of channel for SDI card on NTP setup page.
  • Fixed GPO output for Mute and Dim when setup polarity as Alt H/L.